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Step one


Are you an expert in your field with valuable knowledge to share, but find yourself struggling to create a polished online course that truly showcases your expertise?

Grindstone offers white glove service to help you create high-quality online courses that showcase your expertise and engage your audience. From pre-production planning to post-production editing, Grindstone handles all aspects of video production. The process begins with a Discovery Call to understand your vision for the course, revenue targets, and desired format. Grindstone then finalizes all the details leading up to recording day, allowing you to focus on sharing your knowledge.

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Step two


We take great pride in preparing the production set to ensure every detail is perfect.

Grindstone takes pride in preparing the production set to ensure every detail is perfect. They offer coaching services to help you deliver your course content in the most engaging way possible. Their coaches help you refine your presentation style, teach you how to connect with your audience, and provide feedback on your voice inflection, tone, and overall feel to ensure maximum engagement. By helping you become a more effective communicator, Grindstone believes that you'll be able to deliver an online course that truly showcases your expertise and resonates with your audience.

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Step three

Post Production & DElivery

Once recording is finished, our team of experienced editors will review the footage and begin the post-production process.

Our experienced team of editors will review the recorded footage and ensure that your online course is edited to the highest standards, with great pacing, clear audio, and the addition of slides or info graphics if necessary. We'll send you the first cut for approval and make any requested changes efficiently. We believe that it's essential for you to be involved in the post-production process, and we're always open to feedback and suggestions. Once you're happy with the final cuts, we'll deliver the content in the format that suits your course's needs.

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For The Bullet Point People


  • Conduct Discovery call to understand your vision for the course
  • Understand the desired format (long-form or short-form modules) 
  • Develop/Optimize course material  
  • Finalize recording details to ensure flawless execution


  • Prepare the studio/on-location set 
  • Record online course material 
  • Coach you on voice infection, tone, and feel 
  • Film b-roll footage if applicable


  • Back up the footage to our server and the Cloud
  • Complete first round of audio/visual edits 
  • Add supporting visuals if applicable (slides, infographics) 
  • Add animated title cards (lower thirds) if applicable


  • Submit Version 1.0 for revision/approval via Vimeo link 
  • Receive and make suggested edits
  • Deliver final cut via Vimeo link
  • Deliver different formats as needed (ie. short-form modules)
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